Friday, March 10, 2017

Amos 3:3

Amos 3:3
“Can two walk together unless they are agreed?”

Well, the answer is no. Two cannot walk this life together unless they are agreed. In order for a team of two to function properly, they have to have a common goal. If they are going different directions, unity will be broken. This should never be found in the church since we have the same God. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have in Costa Rica with Abby to get a taste of what it is to be committed to one person, serving the Lord and just doing life together. Honestly, I know how I like to do things and I know why I like to do them the way I do. But, I think a big part of walking in agreement is realizing that the thing that unifies us is more important than the method of completing the work we are doing. For example, does it really matter what craft you do with the kids during church as long as Jesus’ name is proclaimed? If our goal is to teach a truth about Jesus, the little details should be things we are flexible on and hold loosely. Yes, serving the Lord faithfully is what we aim to do, its why we’re in Ignite, but if He isn’t our one thing then we aren’t serving Him. The vision of what I want or what I think should happen is something that should never be held with white knuckles. Holding onto my ideas/vision/methods/etc will only cause tension where it doesn’t need to be. Being “right” is something I need to be ready to sacrifice for the sake of unity. We serve the same God, we are heading to the same place, that is enough to walk unified. 

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